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Award Recipients

2016 Awards

The Awards Program recognizes commitment to excellence that benefits the profession of dental assisting. CADA is proud to have presented the following awards:

Award of Excellence

The Award of Excellence recognizes individuals who demonstrate excellence through an outstanding contribution or service in any or all of the following:

  • excellence in delivery of care
  • leader/mentor/preceptor within the profession
  • advancement of the profession
  • community involvement that has a positive impact on the oral health of Albertans

Congratulations to this year's recipients:

Jolene MooreJolene Moore

Jolene has been a dental assistant for a relatively short time, particularly when we consider her impressive volunteer record. In her 10 years as a registered dental assistant Jolene has been an active participant in nine different committees, in addition to fulfilling a term on CADA council followed by the president-elect and president roles.

During her presidency, the College undertook a thorough governance restructuring to ensure that it was effectively addressing its mandate of regulating the profession of dental assisting in Alberta. Being in this key leadership role during the restructuring process was demanding to say the least. Jolene's dedication to the success of this undertaking required that she be thoroughly informed about the issues, know which steps needed to be taken when, be aware of the potential outcomes for various decisions and focus on how public safety and the profession would be impacted. The College's new governance structure is effective and efficient. A true leader and a humble person, Jolene will be the first to tell you that she is one of a team who contributed to this achievement.

The continued success of the College is obviously important to Jolene as many of the dental assistants she has met can attest to. With the best interests of the College in mind she takes advantage of the opportunity to recruit volunteers to continue with the work required to regulate the profession.

Acting as a leader or mentor is also part of Jolene's approach to her work environment. She can be found taking time to explain and demonstrate, offering constructive feedback, providing suggestions for improving procedures, coaching, and otherwise investing herself in the success of the team.

Those who have had the pleasure of working with Jolene on council or various committees can attest that, throughout all of the hard work and challenges, she approached the task at hand with optimism and a view for the future. Her dedication to and personal investment in dental assisting has benefitted our College and each of us as members. She is definitely a leader and mentor within the profession.

Julianne WeinsJulianne Wiens

Julianne's nominators all speak of her rapport with patients. She is one of those special individuals who truly takes the time and makes the effort to connect with each person in a way that makes them feel comfortable and, we all know this can be a challenge for some patients, at ease in the dental chair.

Many of the patient files where she works have "Julianne only" flags as she is requested so often. Her genuine care and compassion has helped a number of patients who used to require sedation for all treatment overcome their anxiety to the point of looking forward to their next visit, sedation-free.

During a time when her personal life required that she be away from work, her dedication to the dental office and its patients was clearly demonstrated as she took it upon herself to check in with fellow staff members out of concern for how the office and patients were faring. She returned to work at the earliest possible opportunity and was completely invested upon her return.

As a professional, she is committed to excellence in delivery of care. She is focused on staying up-to-date on new protocols and readily accepts coaching from others.

Julianne is also invested in the success of her team. She is quick to offer assistance, puts others' needs before her own and routinely goes the extra mile without being asked. She can be found demonstrating, explaining and offering guidance to recently graduated dental assistants. One of her nominators told us, "Julianne's guidance was an immense help and has a lot to do with my success in my own career now."

Julianne is a wonderful example of excellence in dental assisting.

President's Commendation

The President's Commendation recognizes a contribution to or support of CADA and/or the profession of dental assisting.

Congratulations to this year's recipients:

Russell FarmerRussell Farmer and Associates Consulting Ltd.

CADA Council has been fortunate indeed to have benefitted from the consulting services of the "dream team" of Russell Farmer and Pam Walters over the last several years as we strived to align our organization more closely with our regulatory and public safety mandate under the Health Professions Act. The growing pains were numerous but surmountable with Russ and Pam’s guidance, sound advice, and experience.

Governance training, strategic planning, policy formation, resource tool building for performance monitoring, and program reviews became almost entertaining and certainly engaging under their tutelage. They assisted Council with identifying risks and developing strategies to mitigate those risks. All of these factors have helped us achieve a foundation that will ensure strong leadership for the present and future of our profession. We would have never come so far and so fast without their counsel.

George Sewell

George Sewell was appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council on June 15, 2011, to serve as a public member on the council of the College of Alberta Dental Assistants for a three year term. The Health Professions Act allows public members to continue to serve beyond the expiry of their term until they have been re-appointed or replaced. He has continued to serve faithfully for an additional two years beyond his term. Little does he know that we are not likely to give him up now!

He has brought many years of diverse board and volunteer experiences to the council table. He has been generous in sharing his knowledge and expertise, has a great appreciation for diverse viewpoints, listens carefully to the discussion around the table before adding his perspective, and consistently brings thoughtful contributions and gentle humour to the Council table. He grounds us and keeps us focused.

George has contributed to the work of the College both on Council and with committee participation. He has been totally committed to supporting council and administration in our restructuring and focusing on our regulatory mandate over the last couple of years.

Throughout his years on council, George has been a strong advocate for the profession and for educating the public about who dental assistants are and their important contribution to the overall health of Albertans.

Dr. Gordon Thompson

In his role as Registrar and Executive Director of the ADA+C, Dr. Thompson has been a strong advocate for Alberta Dental Assistants and has fortified good relations between our organizations. He has made sure that the ADA+C has a liaison to the CADA council and has annually invited the CADA President to make a presentation to the ADA+C Council.

At an organization level, he's been very collaborative and liberal with providing information and ideas around effective dental care and regulatory matters. He has an exceptional knowledge and respect of dental assistants' competencies. He is open to providing feedback during consultation processes related to the dental assisting profession. He has also participated at various times and levels during the evolution of the College of Alberta Dental Assistants.

He actively supported the concept and development of the Preventive Dentistry Module (PDM) for Registered Dental Assistants. He provided committee members for curriculum development, along with numerous other resources. Dr. Thompson and the ADA+C also supported CADA's petition for an increased scope of practice through presentations to the Health Professions Advisory Board. PDM education prepares dental assistants to safely and competently provide limited scaling to meet the demand identified by the industry.

With Dr. Thompson's encouragement, the ADA+C and CADA worked together during the implementation of the IPC Standards. The IPC Standards and teaching videos were placed on the CADA website and RDAs were hired by the ADA+C as IPC consultants to visit every dental office in our province.

Dr. Thompson has been a tremendous mentor and advisor to the CADA staff, providing guidance for interacting with stakeholders, tools for effective decision making, and a willingness to share experiences and advice related to regulatory matters. They have greatly benefitted from his excellent intuition and leadership. With his impending retirement, our Registrar, for one, will miss being able to pick up the phone to call him for guidance related to the dental industry.

The College of Alberta Dental Assistants has a long history of honouring those individuals that have made dentistry better for Canadians. Dr. Thompson is one such person deserving recognition of his integrity, character and lifelong devotion to dentistry. He knows that in working together we have stronger professions and better dentistry is delivered to Albertans.