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Dental Assistant Registry

This Registry's search results will only display Registered Dental Assistants (RDA) and Provisional Dental Assistants (DA) who hold current registration with CADA and are entitled to practice dental assisting in the province of Alberta. The individual's registration number, name, registration type*, Practice Permit effective and expiry date will be provided. By clicking on the individual's name in the search results, the individual's current registration status, conditions on practice, future registration status and authorized practice will be provided. If you have searched for a specific RDA or DA and the individual does not appear in this Registry, please contact CADA at 780-486-2526 or

CADA's Registry is provided to help employers and the public verify that an individual holds current registration. This information is not designed nor is it intended to be used for any other purpose. Employers are encouraged to verify registrations to ensure their employees are registered and able to practice, as it is a serious offence to practice dental assisting without current registration. Verification information should only be considered current as of the date and time it is accessed, and is subject to change.

You may search the Registry by typing in a Last Name, a First Name or Registration Number.

*CADA has two categories of registration: Registered and Provisional (see Registration Categories for more information)

See Skills/Authorized Practice for more information about the practice of dental assistants.

This Registry does not compromise personal information of our membership as it complies with the requirements of the Health Professions Act 34(1) and follows the guidelines of the Personal Information Protection Act. The information is not designed, nor is it intended to be used, for any other purpose.