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Program Approval

CADA was proclaimed under the Health Professions Act legislation on January 1, 2006. In accordance with this Act, CADA has the authority to approve dental assisting programs and education courses in Alberta.

A Program Approval Task Force was established to develop and recommend to CADA a comprehensive plan to approve all educational programs for dental assisting in Alberta. The Task Force reviewed all available and necessary materials to make recommendations. In March 2006, CADA Council approved the recommendations in the report of the Program Approval Task Force, and in November 2006 the CADA Program Approval Policies were approved by CADA Council, and came into effect.

All dental assisting programs in Alberta must now have "Approved" status or "Provisional Approval" status with CADA, and be licensed/approved by the appropriate division of Alberta Advanced Education. Any significant changes to the dental assisting programs must be approved by CADA, and the programs must adhere to certain criteria in order to maintain their status.

Graduates of Approved programs must successfully complete the National Dental Assisting Examining Board (NDAEB) written exam to be eligible for CADA registration. Graduates of Provisionally Approved programs must successfully complete the NDAEB written exam and NDAEB Clinical Practice Evaluation to be eligible for CADA registration.

In November 2006 CADA Council formally endorsed the principles of accreditation through the approval of the CADA Program Approval Policies.