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Dental assistant registration is mandatory for anyone who meets the requirements for registration and intends to provide one or more of the following in Alberta:

(i) professional services directly to the public;

(ii) the manufacture of dental appliances or conducting of laboratory tests that are used by other regulated members to provide professional services directly to the public;

(iii) food and nutrition professional services that are used by other regulated members and individuals to provide services directly to the public;

(iv) the teaching of the practice of a regulated profession to regulated members or students of the regulated profession;

(v) the supervision of regulated members who provide professional services to the public.

You can verify current registration of individual Dental Assistants at Dental Assistant Registry.

Regulated members (registered dental assistants and provisional dental assistants):

  • can use the protected titles "registered dental assistant" and "dental assistant" and the initials "RDA" and "DA" (provisional dental assistants can only use "dental assistant" and "DA")
  • must renew their Practice Permit annually
  • must meet annual Continuing Competence requirements which include practice hours and continued learning
  • must adhere to the Health Professions Act, Dental Assistants Profession Regulation, Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics
  • must only perform those duties and Restricted Activities in which they are competent after proper education, training and experience