College of Alberta Dental Assistants

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To contact us by email, use the first initial and last name of the staff member (for example, Jane Smith-Brown, would be

Our toll-free number is 800-355-8940 (Alberta only).

Tami Brodie-Bartko - Competence Coordinator
Member competence support
780-486-3146 ext 229

Carol Collison - Director of Communications/Hearings Director
Publications, advertising, promotions, website, events coordinator, scheduling hearings
780-486-3146 ext 227

Lucille Lavergne - Administrative Manager
Office administration/maintenance, network administrator, Privacy Officer
780-486-3146 ext 224

April Slotsve - Deputy Registrar
Program approval, Continuing Competence Program, professional practice, stakeholder relations
780-486-3146 ext 223

Natalie Tarnawsky - Administrative Assistant
Reception, file maintenance
780-486-3146 ext 221

Jennifer Tewes - Registrar
Overall business affairs, regulatory and policy compliance, stakeholder relations, facilitating governance responsibilities, link between Council and Staff
780-486-3146 ext 228

Dawn Tourangeau - Bookkeeper/Registration Assistant
Accounts payable, accounts receivable, member registration, OHS Officer
780-486-3146 ext 226

Susan vander Heide - Executive Director/Complaints Director
Business operations, strategies, plans and procedures; human resources; stakeholder relations; media inquiries; complaints and discipline
780-486-3146 ext 222