College of Alberta Dental Assistants

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The Health Professions Act (HPA) empowers the College to be governed by a Council made up of 75% elected or appointed members of the College and 25% appointed by the Minister of Health and Wellness. The Council is responsible for ensuring that the public of Alberta is protected in the services provided by regulated dental assistants. The Council is also responsible for ensuring that regulated dental assistants are properly licensed and continue to be competent to continue in their practice.

The Council governs the College through adherence to the HPA, the Dental Assistant Profession Regulation, the creation of and adherence to Bylaws and the creation of and adherence to Governing Policies and Regulations.

Councillors are elected by the membership. The President-Elect is appointed from the elected Councillors and automatically serves as President. Public members are appointed by government.

Council Members

Heather Cormack, RDA

Bryana Good, RDA

Susan Nicoll, RDA

Lornadele Arychuk, RDA

Elaine McKay, RDA

Lisa Rahimi, RDA

Amy Sochatsky, RDA

Lysa Theberge, RDA

Carey Thomson, RDA

Ken Anderson

Peter Murray











Public Member

Public Member

Anyone interested in contacting a member of Council may obtain contact information through the College office.