College of Alberta Dental Assistants

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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

What do I do if I experience a needlestick / sharps injury or other bloodborne pathogen exposure?
When is registration mandatory? When can I start work as a dental assistant? Can I work as a dental assistant before I am registered and have a valid practice permit?
Which schools offer clinical refreshers and intra-oral upgrading?
Are dental assistants allowed to probe?
Are RDAs able to adjust temporary crowns/restorations intra-orally?
Are RDAs authorized to perform tooth bleaching (tooth whitening)?
Can RDAs cement band and loop space maintainers?
Can RDAs perform bite adjustments for permanent amalgam restorations?
Can RDAs place paper points during root canal procedures?
Can RDAs place temporary fillings?
Can RDAs polish restorations?
Can RDAs remove cement from permanent crowns?
Do RDAs require the Orthodontic Module to work in a practice that provides orthodontic treatment?
What skills are included in the Orthodontic Module?
Can RDAs who have successfully completed the Orthodontic Module cement orthodontic bands?
Can RDAs who have completed the Orthodontic Module bond brackets?
Can RDAs remove orthodontic cement with an ultrasonic scaling device?
Can dental assistants administer Nitrous Oxide?
What is the salary / wage for dental assistants?